My Dog Won’t Eat His Food

In fact, your dog may eat anything as well as everything he sees without a moment’s hesitation. On the contrary, some others just eat food that you put in front of them. Your dog may also don’t pay attention to his foods. Sometimes, he even won’t eat his food only human foods.


Then, he will turn his nose up and walk. In this article, we will provide you with some reasons and some simple tips to help your dog get the nutrition. Then, he can maintain health.

Make Sure Your Dog is Healthy

Don’t say “my dog won’t eat” in order to make sure he has good general health. If your dog develops a diminished appetite suddenly, it’s time to pay attention to him right away. You need to take him to your vet when he suffers from any problems such as losing weight recently, developing diarrhea or vomiting as well.

Your dog’s eating may become more difficult because of some problems with teeth and mouth. That’s why it’s important to check the mouth for growths, sores, foreign objects, and bad teeth. These problems can cause pain as well as discomfort for your dog. Of course, the most important thing you should do is to visit your vet for an examination. Then, your vet will help to make your dog’s appetite return quickly.

Dog Food Preferences and Bad Habits

If your dog’s health problem is not a cause, you need to focus on some bad habits by him. Feeding your dog extra treats is actually tastier and more interesting than a normal diet. So, this can cause a finicky appetite during his development over time. Don’t let many people in your household give your dog extra treats. Indeed, this can cause some serious issues such as obesity.

If you let your dog eat excessive table scrap, he will hold out until you feed him better something than dry food. It’s time for you to make some changes. At the same time, stop reinforcing bad behavior. The fact is that feeding your dog excessive treats and table scraps just make him gain weight.

And, he won’t get balanced nutrition from them. Instead, we recommend you to give him nutritionally balanced food with the right amount every day. By this way, your dog can maintain his health. So, it’s extremely important to make changes in this case.

Instead of feeding extra foods and treats, you should stick to his daily scheduled feeding routine. Feed him the right amount of food in a routine and wait. Try this the next day once he doesn’t eat his food. This way aims to encourage his appetite for his dog food. And, he will know that this is the only food he can get every day after a short time. Believe me!

Dog Food Choices and Feeding Methods

The first important thing you need to do is to check for the dog food. Make sure they are not spoiled or out of date before feeding your dog. This is also one of the most common reasons why your dog won’t eat his food. The foods you give him need to be safe, consistent, and nutritious.

If you change your dog’s food constantly, this can upset his digestive system. Once you intend to switch to a different flavor or dog food brand, you have to do this gradually. It’s best to mix them with some of the old food. And, your dog will just eat only new food over time. His appetite may be stimulated by a new flavor.

If your dog stops eating dry dog food, you can try some tricks to entice him to eat. For example, you can feed him another brand or flavor of food. But, they have to come with better taste. In order to make a flavor boost, you can mix in a tablespoon to dry kibbles.

Another way to your dog’s appetite is taking him for a good walk before mealtime. The best solution is making a daily walking schedule around a regular feeding time. By this way, you can help him associate the walk with his next mealtime.

Stay Positive and Patient

If your dog responds to your behavioral cues when eating, you can keep feeding time positive. This way purposes to provide positive reinforcement for your dog. Aside from that, you can also praise him when he eats. Remember you just should give him your attention after he completes the meal.

It’s great to leave your dog alone during his eating time. And, you can keep him from distractions from other animals. You should teach him to eat at certain regular times. Then, you will give him a good eating habit.

After all, it’s important to be patient with your pet. Also, you need to monitor him for signs of illness. If you have any problem with your dog, visit your vet to deal with.